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Sep 8

Lady Vashj did not get what she deserved in World of Warcraft. She and Kael’thas really got the short end of the writing stick, which is a real shame. It’s sad that their characters were tossed away for the sake of YEAH NEW RAID BOSSES THEY ARE EVIL, since… well, they weren’t really. Neutrality is something that the writing department at Blizz does not appreciate, but that is another massive bitch fit for another day!

This is DC Direct’s WoW Series 4 Deluxe Lady Vashj. Calling her an ‘action figure’ is a barefaced lie, as a few twisty arms does not action make. If you can find her clattering about for a decent price, she is very much worth it as an incredible display piece.

She comes with her bow, Frostfathom, an arrow to notch in it and her sword, Fang of Vashj (which is a dagger in-game?). These all look pretty damn beastly in her big, viciously clawed hands.

I really love Vashj. She is my favourite lady in the vidya and is ever so gorgeous- I’m not sure why this figure isn’t photographed more often.

Reject the norm!

Embrace the six-armed snake lady!

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