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Nov 27


beware of this game, the writing is horrible and there’s nothing in the world, but it has one of the best endgames and post-games I have seen in YEARS. It’s worth slogging the ten hours through campaign for the end.

YEAH I’m sort of divides on this game so far! On one hand, I’m pretty sure I’ve never played an RPG like this before what with it being all Western-inspired and stuff, and I think I’m going to find the pawn and combat system much more engaging than slogging alone through Skyrim. I’m REALLY looking forward to trying out all kinds of style of combat and fuck, it’s hard for me to find games that let you use twin swords or daggers or whatever, let alone your own character. And I like how diverse character creation can be, like I can make a tiny child or an old lady or a bara goddess or an amalgamation of all the most cartoonish proportions and that’s great! And skin looks like skin.

On the other hand, for a Capcom game it’s… really ugly! Like if nothing else their games always have vibrant, rich environments and gorgeous characters and even the walk and run animations are really dull and gross! I’m also not liking this whole one save file thing considering I’m so picky with character creation. And the story so far has been pretty meh (and I’m more than a little asspained that you can’t romance your pawn because come ON, the angst and drama potential is amazing).

But I think it has enough going for it that I’ll at least give it an honest attempt as long as my attention span holds out, as Capcom sooo desperately needs a new IP and there are lots of promising ideas here. Plus, it’s Dark Arisen and it’s free and I’ve been hearing good things about the end- and post-game content. And 10 hours for the campaign sounds great because I can’t do rpgs like I used to, haha.

The character creation is fucking fantastic! Since the Berserk armour is included in the Western game, I decided “FUCK IT I AM GOING TO RP GUTS” and by saving up for his armour and weapon early in the game, I managed to fucking break the whole thing and made it disgustingly easy to plough through.

I understand why they enforced the one save file rule (since your pawn is persistent, staying out in the wild even when you’re not playing the game), but if you’re playing on XBox, I used Cloud Save to have another file.

The problem with DD is that it’s got a pretty big world, but there’s fucking nothing in it. Gran Soren is the hub for the whole thing and your quests send you places, so by going out and exploring, you’re just making more legwork for yourself because you can move at the speed of slow or the speed of slightly less slow. I broke the sequencing of the game by doing this and missed out on content by exploring and levelling.

That is what pisses me off about DD the most— its game design is fucking atrocious! You can tell they wanted to have the Dark Souls ambiguity and significance of the locations, but also wanted an Elder Scrolls roaming world, so the two put together means there’s fuck all to see and all this space. There aren’t even really cool things tucked away or enough effort put into creating environmental narrative. Which boggles the mind, because a MASSIVE team worked on this game. They fail to clearly signify quests or remind you where people are, so trying to do anything other than the main mission feels like you’re just fighting with the dev team for the privilege of basic knowledge to continue through the game. Also the romance mechanic is NOT MENTIONED CLEARLY AT ALL but you can try and romance one dude so I guess they get a brownie point for that (quickly taken away by the fact that the items he likes are difficult to collect).

My other big gripe is the fact that a US writing team were trying to use UK terms/ye olde fantasie stylee English and fudged them up pretty badly. “That’s a well big tree” is fucking jarring to hear. They were all “WE WANTED TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE GAME OF THRONES” and they dropped the ball. Did not do enough research to contextualise the language.

The narrative as a whole is a fucking mess, BUT there’s something ultimately charming about it once you get past how poorly they convey it. The pawn system is great and again, you can tell all of the budget went on the endgame, where they focused all the writing and resources and shit gets awesome.

If you’re playing on XBox, grab my pawn! Solaire is a big bara bab <3

There’s a lot of room for the series to grow and considering its success, I can’t wait to see where it goes. Hope they listen to criticism and stop trying to just sponge too many ideas off of TES and DaS.

Apr 28

"The more I sense a malice or summat like it."

I’m going to hazard a guess that the people that wrote this were American and the people that voice acted for it were also American, because this is not ‘period speech’. It is just flat-out bad English.

I’m getting angry

Playing Dangan’s Aughtma: Shadowy Get-Up-Again and was instantly saddened, dismayed and offended by the lack of




Jul 7
Max MadDogma Anarchy Dragons? Who should Jack&#8217;s pawn be??

Max MadDogma Anarchy Dragons? Who should Jack’s pawn be??

Jun 2
I love finding Berserk pawns in the rift! Farnese is mine (specced as Mage&#8212; disappointed she couldn&#8217;t be a Mystic Knight) and Caska wandered in when I was looking for a replacement Fighter.If anyone would like Farnese, she is level 35. My gamertag is Akhrati, go grab her!Opinions under the cut.[[MORE]]This game has been my life this past week. It&#8217;s pretty good, driven more by compulsion and its laid back difficulty. I know a lot of DARK SOULS fans have been playing it and I am certainly one of them, but I have to say that the demo is not representative of the game at all. For one, there is nowhere near enough walking! It almost seems unfair to compare the two games side-by-side&#8212; both are Western-stlye RPGs made by Japanese studios, yet remain miles apart in terms of gameplay, tone, scope, quality and polish. This, naturally, is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn&#8217;t be fast to put them both in the same basket.Dogma sadly falls into the Skyrim trap of storytelling. By giving you a sizeable world, cramming it full of people and giving them all at least one line, they fail to make anyone truly interesting. You are the chosen one and everyone around you exists to acknowledge that. Character arcs are disjointed and magic into happening through the magic of teleportation, mostly carried out through tedious escort missions wherein your charge is more likely to get mauled by the Chimera you swear you just killed in the woods than make it to the destination in one piece. Once there, they disappear, leaving you with some money and nary a word.It also has a pace that can only be described as &#8216;non-urgent&#8217;. In fact, the game tells you itself that something things happen at different times, but gives you no indication whatsoever. Sometimes, quests seem to time out and forget to tell you&#8212; those nuns in the Abbey are seriously nonplussed about their supposed Ogre problem, let me tell you. All I found were Chimeras and leisurely strolls to the river!As much as I may gripe, I&#8217;ve been enjoying this time sink&#8212; when it&#8217;s come down to about £20, I shall pick up a new copy. It&#8217;s not quite a £40 launch week purchase for me, delightful as it may be!

I love finding Berserk pawns in the rift! Farnese is mine (specced as Mage— disappointed she couldn’t be a Mystic Knight) and Caska wandered in when I was looking for a replacement Fighter.

If anyone would like Farnese, she is level 35. My gamertag is Akhrati, go grab her!

Opinions under the cut.

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