Assistant Producer at Relentless Software, professional nerd, epic-level Paladin, collector and generally chill guy. Holds a vindeo gam design degree.

Sketches, photos, whatever comes to mind- SFW as possible, bit of gay and aggressive nerdiness. All opinions are my own.
Sometimes, I talk about clothes.
I also write.

FFXIV | Luka Hammersfall, Lords of the Grave [[GRAVE]] @ Balmung
WoW | Aloriann, Heirs to the Sun @ Darkmoon Faire EU


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Sep 26
EGX floor from the second level!

EGX floor from the second level!

Jul 30

Jul 14
Amazing sunrise!

Amazing sunrise!

Jul 2
Nothing but blue skies and countryside, far as the eye can see.

Nothing but blue skies and countryside, far as the eye can see.

May 5

Some photos from a few years ago. Super Action Statue Crazy Diamond and Josuke.

May 2

Pictures from Lulworth Cove. The houses at the bottom just looked so cute! I’d love to go back on a sunny day.

Sep 29

Bayonetta herself was promoting her upcoming game!

A great costume with amazing attention to detail, a super-sweet lady with an infectiously fabulous attitude!

BONUS: Unintentional blowjob angle

BONUS: Unintentional blowjob angle

Sep 28

Warrior Knight from DARK SOULS II, in the flesh at Eurogamer!

This guy was a great sport and didn’t mind me getting some up-close and personal photos.

Aug 27

Play Arts KAI Raiden— Medical Armour Version details.

I love all of the warnings on him!

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